About Mulmino

Mulmino is an intelligent, rational and powerful being. It can live on land, water, and sky. There are different kinds of Mulmino in terms of the number of their bodies. The number of bodies of Mulmino may vary from two to tons. In general, Mulmino are classified into two types: micro and macro Mulmino. The Mulmino which have bodies below 100 are called micro Mulmino, and those which have more than 100 bodies are called macro Mulmino (the term Mulmino used in both singular and plural sense). Mulmino does not have any digestion system. Therefore, there is no need for solid or liquid food intake. Mulmino absorbs its energy directly from nature. Each body of the Mulmino can move in any direction or angles. There is no gender difference among Mulmino.

The Reproductive System of Mulmino

Even if there is no gender difference among Mulmino, the Mulmino makes sexual contact and generates baby Mulmino. Mulmino makes sexual contact when they are in the sky above the sea. The bodies of Mulmino make contact with corresponding bodies of another Mulmino. Once the body of a Mulmino makes the contact with the body of another Mulmino, a biological lock generates between bodies and it sustains for a few minutes. The duration of the sex varies with the number of bodies doing sex at a time. Once the sex is over, each body ejects a gaseous matter. This matter interacts with other natural elements and produces a kind of fluid in the sky. At the end, the generated fluid falls into the deep sea and get wrapped with some misty layers. After an unspecified time, it floats on the sea surface and the misty layers become opaque. Once the layers become opaque, it sinks again into the sea bottom and later explodes to come out the infant Mulmino. The determinants of the number of bodies of a newborn Mulmino are unknown.